Gunner, 1993-2013. With Heavy Hearts, We Say Goodbye.


From our Fans on Facebook:

Chris Turner Sorry for your loss

Taylor Bowser I'm so sorry for your loss! We have a son of his at our barn I love him

Stephanie Lynn Prayers.

Medium Conny R.I.P gunner heart emoticon , run free.

Blake Kevin Johnson So sorry. He was a great stud.

Melissa Peter Always remembered.

Sara De Paola Mangone So sorry for your loss... frown emoticon

Bianca Wörle so sad frown emoticon

Shirley Mann Sad day!

Donna Stancik-Elmore Words just can't express... so sad...

Joyce Feijen So sorry for your loss. He is a magnificent sire for sure!

Leann Cheshire My heart breaks for you. I am So sorry for your loss, RIP Gunner heart emoticon

Daggi Bayer So sorry for you loss heart emoticon

Melissa Lashelle Putnam frown emoticon Gorgeous animal.

Pamela Lane I am so sorry for your loss of this beautiful horse. I know he will be forever missed.

Rhonda Roth Oh no. So sorry, the world has lost a great one.

Caroline D. Wollard McCasland So sorry for your loss, God bless. heart emoticon

Rhoda Gibbes Yarborough Truly will be missed but may his offspring follow in his hoof prints n live up to all of their potentials n fill the hearts of the owners as he did.

Bruno Tordis Scaraba frown emoticon

Samantha Ferree Rest in peace sweet boy...

Jean Patterson Cressman very sorry for your loss frown emoticon

Edie Petaccio RIP Gunner, you made the world love you. You will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten. Your babies will make you proud. So sorry for you loss.

Laura Mcfarland-Taylor rest in peace...

Sandi McTavish Allbury So sorry for your loss

Claudia Dengg R.i.p. beautiful horse ♡♡♡♡

Sandi de Boer Bye Gunner you have fans all over the will be missed by many

Francesca Zanasi so sorry for your loss, he was great.

Reining N Florida Thank you for sharing him with us. RIP Gunner.

Michele C Mackiewicz RIP Gunner, our thoughts and prayers to you.

Barborka Vlckova frown emoticon

Sara Vaessen I'm shocked. So sorry. One of the great ones in the industry.

Sandra Jones So sorry for your loss!!

Mary Schwend Hines Sorry for your loss of this great man. He is running wild and free in greener pastures

Dominik Weber Sorry for your loss

Marcy Thrasher Blakely RIP GUNNER sorry for your loss . No more pain , he's running free again , I believe God has a place for him in heaven heart emoticon

Suzan King No words can truly express how sorry we are for your loss. I'm sure he's at that Rainbow Bridge running and playing waiting to see y'all once again. May God heal and help you through these trying times.

Marcus Krause Ruhe in Frieden Gunner. Ich bin stolz dich kennengelernt zu haben. :`-(See Translation

Vernon Lawrence So sorry for your loss.

Jenny Matthews Fowler So sorry for your loss ! What a great one he was ! Loved by many !! Prayers for your family !:(

Jamie Eick So sorry...

Birte Westius Sorry for your loss. My heart grieves with you

KerryAnne Muller Gunner we will miss you !!!

Nina Tranegger Byby gunner, 4ever in our heart.. 

Audrey Bryer-Heath Very sorry for your loss

Parker Haynes Minchin RIP Gunner! So honored to have met you a few weeks ago! Gallop on Good Horse! Your Legacy Continues! 

Chrissy Wait so sorry for your loss

Sue Maxey So sorry.....

Christian Davila very sorry for your loss.

Kathi Morrison-Hickerson RIP and enjoy the rainbow bridge with all the other specia horses.

Lucie Salvatore frown emoticon

Holly Spooner So sorry for your loss...he certainly made his mark on the industry!

Liane Senekowitsch frown emoticon

Yvette van Huizen RIP Beautifull Gunner. You were an amazing horse! Run with angels 

Brook Curnow What an amazing horse and so sad that he has passed!

Todd Mason Prayers for you and your family!

Helen Smuts so sorry - what a beautiful creature he was

Danielle Boshoven so sorry for your loss,wish you much strenght in these hard times

Anne Svensson heart emoticon He was extra special one of a kind heart emoticon

Katarzyna Roleska So sorry ....:(((

Jamie Wilson My heart is with you! I'm very sorry for your loss.

Mindy Reynolds My Heart tears and prayers are with you all! I am so sorry for your loss! heart emoticon

Barbara Berg frown emoticon heart emoticon so sorry for your loss, he runs free with my Sir Dorado now & will be there to greet you again one day

Jeannine Arndt I´m sorry, feeling with you guys frown emoticon

Julietta Scharf So sorry! We will always remember Gunner through "our Gunner" MJ Gunner Sun, going this year European Futurity!

Kathleen von Ruff frown emoticon

Serendipity Farm So sorry

Kathy Meinert Steward Usmiller RIP Gunner

Danny De Laet So sorry for your loss

Gilles Gauthier very sad to learn this new this was a amazing horse and you his amazing owner...prayers for him, you and all your team, he'll be a legend forever...

Felipe Carvalho Rest in Peace!

Bonnie Rafnson So sorry to hear. Rest in Peace handsome boy

Thomas Schiestl So sorry frown emoticon

Meagan Mulqueen We all mourn with you the loss of this amazing icon.

Kyle Rau cry emoticon

Sharon Whittington Wicker So very sorry, he was so beautiful!

Rate My Horse PRO Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. What an amazing horse.

Jerie DeSalvo So sorry, such a great loss to the industry cry emoticon

Iris Elsenaar RIP great one.

Joan MacEwan Wilson His legend will live on through his offspring.

Suzan King May The Lord help you through these times and help you heal. Gunner is now at the Rainbow Bridge, he's running and bucking free from the chains that bound him to his illness. He will be there waiting till you all meet again.

Angela Lesher Such an amazing horse he will live forever in our hearts frown emoticon

Martina Jablonicka So sorry for your loss Very sad day for horses world

Sheila Bishop I am so sorry. I met Gunner back in 2003 at the FRHA and his performance, coming in the ring from the warm up pen blew me away! I lost the Reiner I was showing then a year and a half ago. I am still not over it. My heart goes out to you!

Rhonda Loveless We are so sad and will keep your family in our prayers. You must feel as though you lost a part of your family. R.I.P. magnificent stallion. We are so blessed to have offsprings from him.

Andrea Stillo RIP Great one!!!!!

Barbara Ferrante Such a beautiful horse. His life was to short. Prayers to the family.

Lisa Thompson R.I.P Big guy. Sorry for your loss.

Tracey Marie Collier frown emoticon beautiful boy......

Belinda Crawford Parsons heart emoticon

Chrissy Keadle So sorry to hear cry emoticon he will be greatly missed

Corrie Smith Dear Gunner:

You many not know me but I've watched you for a long time.I'll never get to meat you here on earth but some day in Heaven I'll ride you and we will fly. With all the others that have gone before you. like my guy Playos Bared rocket AQH

Angela Monk what a stunning looking horse

Shannon Shepherd So Sorry for your loss.... He was a Great one that made a huge impact..

Nikki Massaro frown emoticon frown emoticon so sorry!

Vickie Sedberry Clarkson So sorry...Great horse!!!

Kay Wentworth Wells Heartfelt love and sympathy.

Gayle Winterton Pniak So Sorry for your loss.. You have been Blessed with the companionship of some of the best ones in the world! Never easy letting them go. Prayers for you all...

Kerrie Hamilton I am so sorry to hear that. Having owned a Gunner I can honestly say that this will be one of the biggest losses to the reining industry. What a wonderful animal.

Anna Cera So sorry for your loss

Michelle Meyers What happened to the beautiful guy?

Gena Kimberly I'm so very sorry for your tremendous loss. He's always been a favorite. You and your family will be in my prayers. You are very blessed to have had two tremendous Legends in your life and hope you find comfort in knowing they are bright shining stars in Heaven.

Lisa K Russell My heart goes out to you. Gunner will always be rememberd and never forgotten.

Lyn Engels RIP, Gunner!

Fennechien de Kloe We will love gunner forever His legend will live on through his offspring Sorry for your loss

Laurie Parker Branham Nooooo.....

Nikki Bourn So sorry for your loss, he was a great horse!

Bill H Wright What a great horse that gave so many pleasure to watch & hope for the sons & daughters they have. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Jillian Cote Rip gunner my thoughts nd prayers are with your family .... Fly high gunner

Arlene Cluness So sad to hear... He seemed invincible and ill never forget the privilege of meeting you x

William Bradley We are truly sorry for your loss. The McQuay/Gunner combination set a new standard for the reining horse industry. Gunner was truly a great show horse and a great stallion.

Catherine Alicia RIP Gunner. I am lucky to say I work with one of his daughters. His legacy lives on

Nicole Marie R.I.P Gunner. It was great to meet him. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Robin Merrill So sorry!

Ellen Pousset R.I.P. Gunner!

Muriel Colquhoun It is sad to lose an old friend but no doubt it was a pleasure and privilege to own him.

Shortie Tarpley The world loved you my did I

Sherri Smith Evers Very Sorry RIP Gunner so beautiful prayers to your family

Jenna Johnson So sorry for your loss

Tanja Gries eine legende ist von uns gegangen frown emoticon goodbye GunnerSee Translation

Janet Edmonds Very sorry for the loss of such a great horse.

Jason Ray Anderson Beautiful animal Anna Lisa sorry for your loss.

Jody Quiram My heart goes out to all of you, not only a great horse but a family member.

Shelley Daley So sorry to see another great one leave. So very sorry for the loss of your beloved four legged family member. Goodbye Gunner, enjoy your green pastures at the rainbow bridge.

Marlene Radford Bruce So sorry to hear this.. RIP gorgeous boy!!

Marie Nilsson So sorry for your loss, happy to have met him, grateful! He was a true legend and the most gorgeous horse!

Tia Francisco very nice article about him. So sorry both for your personal loss and the loss to the horse world at large. 

Shauna Rooney Prouse So sorry for your loss, Godspeed Gunner

Janna Müller Goodbye Gunner

Rikke Pleth Flensborg R.I.P beautiful Gunner.

Ayla Reed Goodbye handsome boy heaven is blessed to have such a horse

Tonya Uphus So Sorry for your loss!!!

Jessica Hicks So sorry for your loss... :"( RIP Gunner. Was such a handsome boy and will be dearly missed. heart emoticon

Kathy Bennetch So sorry for your loss. Gunner is a legend!! So glad I got to see him compete!

Katie Anne Holt So very sorry for your loss. frown emoticon Good bye Gunner.

Frankie Mills every rapid heartbeat, every deep sigh, every un believable spin, just blew me away, his flop eared "oh well" looks after winning over and over again made him more than a champion, his legend will be carried on through his genes. OH how you will be missed my friend but to know you lope on in a golden arena with no pain makes me smile and sigh to know we will see you again one day heart emoticon

Malou Ellegaard Jørgensen So sorry for your loss! He was a handsome guy, and will forever be! He is now running with HDI and all the other awesome horses, who will never be forgotten

Cajsa Andersson So sorry for your loss !

Alexander Ka R.I.P

Shelby Hangen Aw so sorry for your loss :(

Sharon Nimmo So sorry to hear he's gone....but his legacy will live on for generations to come xxxxx

Natasha Rose Simmons Very sad, our hearts go out to y'all.  But just think how blessed you were to have him, and what a great legacy he left behind!!

Justin Bouchard poor poor gunner

Dawn Gotsch Abbott I was privileged to see him perform several years back, that ride will be forever etched in my mind! RIP Gunner, you're sliddin' in the clouds now!

Jane Lyon So sorry for your loss. Such an influence in the industry, he will be remembered by so many.

Kathryn Ann Schauer So sorry for your loss

Sandra Gerber So sorry for your loss! Such an incredible horse, lot of charactism, a lot of potencial! Slidin now in heaven dear gunner!

Cindy Haverty So so sorry to your family. A very tough day indeed peace for you guys and reflect on all the great moments

Meir Mario Cohen Rip gunner it was great to know you

Mary Loden So sorry for your loss. He was a great horse!

Nadine Laufs So sorry for your loss!!! R.I.P. Gunner

Karin Montanus So sad to hear he passed away. He was a really great horse. I'm glad I've seen him in May this year at his stall. Will never forget him. R.I.P my friend.

Judy Kilgore Black What a sad day. I feel your pain. God Bless.

Rebecca Smith-Burchfield He will never be forgotten,he has a lot of young ones all over,when they see them they will remember Gunner,an how special he was. RIP Beautiful Gunner!

Robbie Lemar Ringer So sorry for your loss. He will be missed.

Heather Young Sorry for your loss, he was an amazing horse heart emoticon

Rhonda Nickels A true legend, I'm so glad to have the honor of meeting him. My deepest sympathy to you all.

Sandra Ward No horse will ever replace the beauty, the rich color, the markings, the proudness , the willingness and the ability of this animal.He will never be forgotten! Such Striking Beauty....

Mary Beth Mcfadden So very sorry for your loss. Gunner was such a great horse and such an icon for the industry. He will forever missed but will be fondly remembered every time we see his awesome babies slid in the arena. RIP Gunner.

Barbara A Mehr Very unique!!

Tessa Trepanier Whst happend??

Max Vignola cry emoticon cry emoticon cry emoticon R.I.P beautiful horse

Janette Dojčan Molitorova kraaasny je...

Kennedy Snyder Thinking of you all...

Eva-M. Musch good bye Gunner :,(

Sheila Baumgartner Rybar So very sorry for your loss! He was an amazing beautiful Horse and blessed so many life's RIP you will be missed Gunner!

Michelle Fouche My sincere condolences to you and your family. RIP Gunner.

Heather Innes Very sad but he will never be forgotten, as his legacy lives on in his off spring.

Virginia Howland-mccann What a beautiful manhorse I know you will miss him sorry for your loss

Jimmie Barr Beautiful horse. ..just simply beautiful. ... frown emoticon

Francesca Louise RIP Gunner frown emoticon what a handsome horse! may your legacy long live on! SO very sorry for your loss! may you be greeted by lush green pastures on the other side of rainbow bridge heart emoticon

Tammy Ross My condolences to the McQuay's for their loss of a tremendous stallion.

Helen Davis Viles frown emoticon so very sorry for y'all...

Sebetha Orlovetz I will always regret not taking the time out of my "busy" life to stop and visit.

Vasti Arsenidou So sorry for your loss frown emoticon R.I.P You will be missed

Isabell Lillie Blessings to u all stay strong xxx

Monika Meester He was one in a million. cry emoticon

Gina Friscioni-Wolf Very sad to hear about about Gunner! He was truly amazing! My deepest sympathy to the McQuay family. He was and will always be a super star!!!

Roger Ballas So sorry.

Jeanne Schnell I'm so sorry for your loss. His legacy will live forever!

Shannon Ramsey How lucky you all were to share your lives with this incredible animal. I am so sorry to hear of your loss! He was magnificent !

Lillian Frigstad heart emoticon

Katy Sterckx such a sad day,saw him ones when we visited the futurity,came to the ranch to see the great Gunner!!such a beautiful horse,he will live on by his ofspring!!!!my condolences to the family!!

Michaela Raemer So sorry for your loss! He will never be forgotten....

Wendy McCance I am so sorry for your loss of Gunner, my deepest condolences to all of you.

Page Proctor I am so sorry for your loss, I feel your pain. I lost my filly and she looked just like Gunner. My heart goes out to you.

Lori Paulette Ferrari My Heart is heavy..RIP Gunner

Ma Dimd R.I.P.

Catrina Williams So sorry for your loss!

Deborah O'Brien what a terrible loss for you . . . for all of us.

Claudia Mink R.I.P.Gunner

Lynn Worthen So Sad !!

Megan Mayers I shed tears for you on the loss of this great stallion. My condolences to the McQuay family and their team. RIP Gunner. You left a legacy that changed the equine world heart emoticon

Dina Allen so sorry for your loss he will b missed

Stacy Szudlo you will be missed pretty boy..R.I.p Gunner

Johan Gudmundsson R.I.P. Gunner

Holly Cripps Rest now beautiful boy - you changed lives forever with your sweet spirit!

Tanja Sebastian heart emoticon

Mike Takhar Sorry to hear about your loss my condolences to the McQuay family

Susan Morrison So very sorry for your loss. He was such a special horse to so many, not just because of his great accomplishments. There will never be another like him, but his legacy will live on.

Steve Ouellet Condolences to McQuay stable ...

Amanda Parish So sorry to hear of such a loss! What a great horse he was, his legacy will live on!

Kathy Parmelee He is a part of APHA history!

Linda Nelson Very sorry, another great stallion gone

Lea Kötter R.I.P

Stephanie Merk A horse made History ! Thank you for being such a wonderfull stallion ! You will allways be our favorite ! RIP

Edwin Benschop I'm sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace!!!

Triple K Ranch So very sorry for your löss

Michael Woolsteen Srry for your loss.

Marion Schick RIP you will never be forgotten

Susan Los RIP Gunner, you were a beautiful, wonderful, big hearted horse. you will be truly missed

Barbara Gerber-Eggler The Horse World lost one of the best Horses ever! I am so sorry for your lost. We own a son of him named "I am Shotgunner" and we are so glad to have a part of your wonderful stallion.

Angelika Schürmann So sorry... What a magnificent stallion!!! I am so blessed to have an offspring from him.

Marj Dahle It's never easy to say good bye to a friend! Our hearts are with you!

Stacy Hamilton So sorry for your loss. What an amazing and influential stallion.

Amy Christine Wiggs So sorry for the loss of a wonderful horse

Anne Hedge So sorry for your loss! frown emoticon

Erin Condon Gonyea He was magnificent , and now he runs with Hollywood Dun It in greener pastures....

Lisa Grossi Oh no! I loved that horse! what a huge loss!

Dawn Williams Sorry to hear about Gunner! His legacy will live on forever across the world and back!

Sara Russell Williamson So sorry for your loss!

Harriet Dinsmore So sorry for your loss.

Jean Wells Sorry for your loss... Beautiful horse....

Lidka Kwidzińska jaki pieknySee Translation

Arne Pirk I am so sorry for your loss of Gunner, my deepest condolences to all of you. Best Wishes and max power for your future...

Kristen Lunde- Ross omg so sorry! what an incredible horse

April Arnold Sorry about gunner praying for you all

Brenda Hedrick My heart goes out to all his people. Godspeed Gunner.

Saddlesmart Rabboni So sorry abt your loss....

Kelly Godsey What a sad loss... But heaven just recieved a beautiful angel. He is running threw the clouds now....

Bonnie Kelley cry emoticon R.I.P. Gunner

Patti C Gillis So very sorry for your loss. May you run in green pastures!!

AmericanDream Stables OMG, what a lost!!!! RIP big CHAMPION

Joe Bowden RIP.Big guy

Brenda K Reeves Gibbs Absolutely a stunning animal r.I.p.

nna Pettersson I am so sorry for your loss of Gunner!

My deepest condolences to all of you.

Nausikaa Naus R.I.P. most beautiful horse in the world....

Lee Eramo-Mouacdie So sorry to hear, a beautiful horse indeed!

Vely Martinez frown emoticon

Karen LongI have a portrait Model of this fine fella and I'm never parting with it. Gunner has inspired me to take up the wonderful sport of Reining...See More

Tricia Perner Gilson RIP

Markus Kuhl frown emoticon so sorry

Tracy Pecsek With deepest sympathy for your loss. There will never be another like him. He meant so much to my daughter. Being able to meet Gunner will always be one of the highlights of her life.

Kenneth Faulkner He goes on in time,he was that good.beautiful

Claudia Tehpunkt we will never forget him! 

Natalie Mellum If God needed a champion for his own, he's certainly found it in your wonderful Gunner

Debbie van den Bogert So sorry for your loss!!

Kenneth Faulkner When he showed up competors had to be their best!! Love Gunner

Evonne Severinsen So difficult to say "Goodbye" to a guy like Gunner!!!! My sympathy!!

Manuel Mtz frown emoticon sorry for your looss, he was a true champion!

Jennifer Bridges Very sorry for your loss:(((

Viviana Carle It seems impossible!!!!! noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Lombardo Sorry for your loss. It is a great loss for the entire horse world.

Sylvia Bryson :(so sad

Alexander Ka :((((

Eva Giordano ...SO SORRY!

Alexander Ka The BEST die young.... cry emoticon

Kate Christensen Lombardi Heartbroken for all

Tonya Turner So sorry for your lost. Some dont understand the lost of gods creatures that we value so much in our lives. To some its almost like losing a loved one that cant be replaced and only leave us precious memories. God Bless you all! May Gunner RIP high upon them mountains!

Oriano Pedrazzi R.I.P Gunner:'(

Jennifer Martin Mitchell RIP Gunner.......a true champion. So sorry for your incredible loss.

Marina Schmidt Mehlin RIP .. :(

Kendra Luebke So sorry for the loss! He will live on through his foals!! R.I.P. Gunner

Greg Niro Good bye Gunner, one of the best.

Dee Milligan beautiful blue eyes

Kathryn Mary Moats He is beautiful...So sad they have to die..My heart goes out to his family...

Kimberly Dawn Conniff Sorry for your loss heart emoticon

Terrill Strickland Always a sad time when a beautiful horse has to leave.

Barbara Michael I am so sorry, I know the loss and it does make for a very heavy heart. He was a beautiful horse and we are so lucky to have seen him. Again so very sorry.

Georgiana Noopy Rodrigues So sorry for your loss. But what a marvelous legacy.

Marge Kuehn Thinking of you and your partner!

Jacki Hanks What happened?

Liz Smith So sorry for your loss! He was a great one!

Jacki Hanks Heart felt sympathy no matter what..

Gwynneth Bauer I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Warm thoughts and prayers,

Trudy Kramer I am shocked, may he rest in peace!

Kim Barge So sorry...he will always be with you heart emoticon

Kimberly Ellis May he run in the pastures of heaven.

Robin Smithpeters So Sorry to hear of your loss.

Katlyn Rosenbaum Rest in peace

Nadine Stork-Heininger RIP

Roberta Crha E' bellissimo.....See Translation

Helen Frame My heartfelt sympathies

Christine Gantner Sorry for your loss of Gunner

Cathy Sykes So sad.

Jeanne Kelly So sorry for your loss :((( he was a VERY special horse and LOVED by so many !!!

Connie de Castro May God bless him!!

Caterina Zuffada :-(((((  RIP

Becky Barnard so sad, my heart goes out to the McQuay family!

Cindy Hunt Thoughts and prayers for your entire family on the loss of Gunner. R.I.P. beautiful boy!

Jayna Guy Gipson So sorry for the loss

Mukund Tripathi God may bless him

Angelique IJpelaan So sorry for your loss. I saw the news at a quarter to 5 this morning when I woke up, and couldn't believe what I was reading. Thought I was still asleep, but not.

Marili Haas Praying for you. Its an amazing privilege for us that you shared this horse w/ so many. Thanks to you.

Darcy Litzinger So sorry for you loss of such a wonderful horse.

Paula GrahamY'all are in our hearts

Sabrina WePunkt So sorry... he was such a beautiful and amazing stallion... R.I.P. will never forget him! frown emoticon

Sabine Jäger Good Bye Gunner

Kathy Sutton So very sorry!

Sarah Starks R.I.P cry emoticon He was a truly amazing horse. He will never be forgotten.

Mike Mueller R.I.P GUNNER

Linda Garrett How sad.

Bonnie Hobbs frown emoticon

Nancy Kelley My heart goes out to your family on the loss of your magnificent stallion.

Rhonda Epley Posekany So sorry !

Pam Gilbreath I love Gunner, the very first time i seen him, i fell in love with him..I am so so sorry for your loss and i will never forget that beautiful face and those sweet blue eyes..Thank you for giving all of us a Awsome Stallion in Gunner and sharing him with us..Rip my beautiful guy, i will love you always.

Kim Klotz RIP Gunner frown emoticon

Stephanie Gallihugh I'm so sorry for your loss he will be missed heart emoticon gallop free gunner

Kyla Stone It's really breaks my heart to hear about to passing on Gunner.

Betty Wells Thinking if you all so sorry .

AquiYo Mando RIP Gunner!

Lori Draper So sad. The world lost yet another great & amazing stallion, but he lives on forever through what he has left behind. Can't believe its been 20 yrs.

Kieara Lonning So sorry for your loss cry emoticon he was truly a great horse

Lisa Cloud Vernon I'm so sorry for your loss. I was there watching in 2006 when he stole my heart, not only with his floppy ears and white face, but his undeniable talent. The reining world and the rest of us will always remember his light. I pray your family and all that cared for him daily peace and comfort. There will never be another Gunner. Rest in peace beautiful boy frown emoticon

Five Star Ranch Love'n'Light to Gunner from all of us here at Five Star Ranch. We are blessed owners of his son Gunspinner, Swedish and French Champion.

Kerstin Junge Rest in Paradise heart emoticon

Tanja Bunink rip...great horse.. so sad

Rachel Marry He will be sadly missed. RIP and run in Paradise.

Jill Renick Townsend Oh ... That is so sad. I am so sorry for your loss. He had such an impact on the reining industry, his legacy will live on forever.

Melanie Furrer goodbye is only temporary. He will see you again in heaven.

Quaylene Cardin Parkey You were blessed to have him in your lives and he was blessed to have you in his. Such a loss for your family. Prayers.

BobbieLynn Sears Another legend has passed. We as horse people are lucky to have had such amazing horses in the lights during our life time. RIP Gunner.

Remi Dasilva So sorry for you loss frown emoticon amazing horse

Tamara Connett-Hofstetter My sympathy , to all that worked with this wonderful stallion, R.I.P. Gunner, no more pain.

OutDunit TomTom ....and again passed a great one this planet ... I feel with you Colleen and Tim... 

Gunner send greetings to my Out Dunit - if you meet him on the endless greens - Rest in peace.

Lydia Joy Moore So sorry for the loss! He was such an amazingly beautiful creature!

Kathy Tomlinson What a unique and handsome horse he was.

Robin Brumfield So sorry for the loss of Gunner. He was a celebrity and will be missed.

Kerstin Junge R.I.P. heart emoticon

Sonja Iske Run free Gunner heart emoticon

Tina Richardson Rest an Peace for a beautiful Horse

Dan Moroz So sorry megan.

Missy Vendola Brucato So very sorry for your loss ...

Shoshanna Fransdonk What a horse, what a horse, what a mighty fine horse!! Im so sorry for your loss ! RIP Great Gunner!

Monique du Bois So sorry for your loss! RIP Gunner!

Melissa M Stephens Gunner will be greatly missed in the equine world! So sorry for your loss! My heart broke when I heard about the loss of this great champion. We know Gunner will be running, skidding and rolling back with the other great champions in heaven. No one can truly compare!

Jen Bunker Sorry, he was truly an awesome stallion!!

Leslie Mallon Wow what a beauty so sorry for your loss.

Anja Hooymans He joined Hollywood Dun it and together they galop the Good Lords pasture. Lots of respect from Belgium.

Toni Lenhert XO heart emoticon

Dale Oetgen he'running with my Blaze

Janet Odom-Harrigan What happened to him?? I have been in the hospital, so just heard this. He is over the rainbow bridge waiting to see the ones he loved -again.

Jessica Immohr Also from germany...sorry for your loss...

Rebecca Albrecht R.i.P. Great Gunner...

Dolores Hoffman Schaub GORGEOUS horse - RIP Gunner

Evelyne Sumner Taylor Such a sorry for your loss.

Jill Bradley So, so sorry for your loss... He was a great one.

Debbie Courtney R.I.P Gunner! Run free! So sorry for your loss.

Aza Mia cry emoticon

Diane McGee so sorry..been hurts..

Tanja Kompa R.I.P Gunner!

Suzi Bond Seem like not to long ago we started hearing about him... now 20 years later.. Goodbye, to an old friend.. I have only meant you in the writings and in my dreams.. Happy pastures to you!

Heike Dallinga R.I.P So Sorry! Great Horse!

Angela Norbury So sorry

Kate Kelly Magno So SAD for your loss:(

Cristina Perozzo RIP GUNNER

Amy Neal So sorry

Karen Hood Peace on your big ride ... truly magnificent!

Lucio Ferrarini A great horse might not be the very best one ... he's the one who can conquer everybody's heart .

Carol Miller Beautiful horse sad loss

Sidney Rippy McLaughlin He was certainly stunning

Valerie Melani Jauch Beautiful

Bethjerde N Markbjorgum So sorry. :(

Missy Hinson So sorry on your loss of Gunner.... :( He was one in a million.....

Ellie Keene A great one, RIP Gunner

Summer Kelley The reining industry will not be the same without him. Thank goodness there are at least so many of his wonderful offspring out there to continue his legacy. He will be missed, and I am so sorry for your loss.

Tammy Wallace Deaton Condolences...

Leah Rogers Deepest condolences on the loss of an icon

Pam Hudson So sad :(

Lori Susanne Green What a beautiful!!! RIP :,(

Vicky Reynolds So sorry for your loss. He was certainly a beautiful horse and I know he will be missed by all that knew him. RIP

Ellen Smith Pumphret RIP Gunner I know you have heavy hoof prints on your care givers and will be waiting for them at rainbow bridge heart emoticon

Jacki Jo Parks Sliding in the clouds..keep your eyes on the sky

Roxanne Zangara Galati Oh Gunner RIP I am so so sorry that you had to leave your family. I will send up prayers for all and ask GOD to hold you all in his loving arms in thi time of sorrow!!! So so sorry!!

Antonio DePaula very hard to believe !!!! !?!?!?!!

Sylvia Gillen So sad. But what a great Legacy he left!

Jessica Zonkle RIP Gunner! frown emoticon

Mary Holly Good by Gunner, I know you had a good life. Say Neigh to kelly for me when you get over that Bridge.

Mary Holly I know there are broken hearts connected to Gunner. I will keep you in my prayers. heart emoticon

Deborah Longtin I am so very sorry for your loss of this wonderful boy.

Cathie Sabines and what a horse he was.

Janet Garcia Wow. How beautiful! Sorry for your loss!

Sandra Cotter RIP Gunner ;(

Allie Salagi I'm so sorry for your loss. He was an amazing horse. One of my all time favorites!

Lisa Acocella-baxter Very sorry

Justin Peterson So sorry for your loss ! One of the greats !!!!!!!!! He will be truly missed !

Jim Westagard Love my Gunner son!!

Cathy Irvin He was truly a special individual. So very sorry for your loss.

Glenda Pickett Always n your heart..

Berta Laiche We will see Gunner in heaven one day! And all of our babies that have gone ahead of us. smile emoticon

Susan Upton I am sorry for your loss. You have been very blesed by our Heavenly Father to have been Gunners special family here on earth. This sire will truly be missed. Sincerely Susan

Anke G. Kümpel RIP Gunner - gorgeous boy! Have a good slide in the sky..So sorry for your loss...

Jewelley Lumnz Beautiful!

Nadja Rausch RIP Gunner!

Beth Gordon What happened? He was not that old......., sad

Sabine Davis So sorry for your loss. RIP Gunner! You are now free to run. You are a Legacy!

Trish Hurley Gunner died? Oh I'm sooooo sorry...

Mareike Andreas Run free Gunner and RIP frown emoticon

Susan Rice So sad (:;

Martina Melzer So very sorry for your loss! He was an amazing beautiful Horse and blessed so many life's RIP you will be missed Gunner! :´(

Cecilia Curti ma e' morto ?

Karen Partridge O'Bryant RIP

Jennifer Duval I send my deepest sympathy for the loss of Gunner~ loosing someone so special is very hard.. I came across seeing the loss of Gunner on a friends page well I was filling out the APHA transfer registration for my horse Bubba Smokin Gun who may be the grandson of gunner ?? .. Bubbas father S D R Bubba Gun is the son of Colonels Smokingun (unsure if this is "Gunner" ) my thoughts are with you all

Angelique Tillier frown emoticon repose en paix GunnerSee Translation

Sebastian Kurtz War ein super schicker Kerl.See Translation

Sebastian Kurtz Schade!!!See Translation

Carolyn Carlson So sorry - RIP Gunner

Mahlon Bauman rest peacefully, Gunner - your impact on the horse world will continue for decades.

Ellen Jansen Its so sad

Donna Minck ohhhhhh, its sad to see such beauty end. waiting at the rainbow's end.

Jane Petrolino One of my very favorite horses. Sincere condolences to you on the loss of this great stallion.

Colleen Gilbert Irreplaceable! Many will mourn the loss of the great "Gunner". Our hearts go out to you.

Cheryl Ryan He was one of a kind and will dearly missed!!!!!!!!!!

Judy Widner-Atkisson RFH frown emoticon

Lisa Benton So sorry for your loss... I loved his horse from the very first time I set eyes on him. Rest in peace Gunner~

Patricia L. Haugh that is without a doubt the most beautiful horse I have ever seen!

Frank Fellenbaum sorry

Summer M Trongo frown emoticon

Lorna Carlock I am so sorry!

Vickie Hanson So sorry for your loss its always hard to say goodbye

Barbara Swan Such a great horse. So sad for you

Amber L Zehnder Sorry for your loss, he is such a great horse....

Frieda Schäfer So sorry :,(

Cheryl Leach Falk what a beautiful horse!!!!!!!!! RIP!!!!!

Billie Smith Sorry about the beautiful horse.

Anne Caroline Mazzoni big loss,I feel very sorry !!!

Eunice Rosales Ramirez we are sorry

Isabella Stewart What a beautiful horse. Sure hope horses go to heaven.

Amber Bennett of course horses goto heaven. They are Heavenly Fathers creations too. You will see him again Tim, he is up running with Hollywood Dunit!!! so sorry for your loss.

Andrea Rivera Why did Gunner died?

Megan Theriot I'm so sorry for your loss...a great horse who did great things for the sport of reining, he'll be remembered for generations.

Eva Hartmann RIP Gunner

Conny Phelps How comes nobody states why he died or whats happen to him? has he been put down..????

Kelly Weiss Lavin look up the poem "Rainbow bridge"

Joyce Molino Sorry

Mary C. Cotey So beautiful!

Michelle Nelbach SO SORRY

Debbie Billings Hapcic Tim and Colleen: know that your sorrow is shared. As big as the hole he has left in your hearts, feel it filled with the love of so many as they share in your sadness. We feel so fortunate to have bred to Gunner and have a beautiful yearling filly. Thank you. Holding you in our prayers.

Tina F Fusco-Woitek So sorry Carl and Debbie. :(

Dallas Bosworth so sad . even though I was born 1997 well human years anyways . he I watch every day on and loved every minute.

Dallas Bosworth i will have a stable named after him just because he has inspire me so much