A Distinct Perspective

The McQuay Stables Philosophy

Tim & Colleen McQuay grew up riding and chose both their careers and lifestyle because of their love of horses.  After nearly forty years, they still love horses and, for them, the first priority has always been about keeping the horses healthy and happy. From daily care to preparing for the next big win, every performance goal is balanced with an on-going evaluation of the horse's health – both mental and physical.


Day To Day Life in the Stables

Horses in the care of McQuay Stables live in large, well lit, ventilated stalls at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses.  Each has its own window and an open front stall door to allow horses to put their heads into the alleyway.  The concept is to let them enjoy their surroundings instead of feeling locked in behind bars.  Turn out time in grass paddocks for play and grazing is part of each horse’s regular schedule. Hand walking and hand-held grazing is done when a horse cannot be turned out free.  It is important to Tim and Colleen that all of their horses stay happy and in good spirits.



McQuay Stables horses are kept in extremely good flesh, and individually evaluated for fitness and condition. They are fed a carefully formulated diet that's customized by our vets and trainers to work for each stage of the horses' lives – from preventing problems in utero, to holding up during intensive training and showing. This program is largely provided by SmartPak, by working with nutritionists to keep our horses healthy both at home and on the road.



Training is a top priority at McQuay Stables and is scheduled according to the horse’s mental and physical capabilities as well as the owner’s goals.  Training schedules are monitored regularly to ensure proper progress and advancement.  The McQuays proudly stand behind the level of individual attention that each horse receives. Some products we use to assist our training program include Rockin' SP tack, WonPad saddle pads, Back on Track wraps, Whisper Bits, and Bob's Custom Saddles. 


Constantly evaluating soundness, McQuay Stables incorporates regularly scheduled therapy maintenance on all of the horses to maintain overall good health and soundness.  Tim and Colleen consider this to be a key component in every horse’s success. If the horse feels good and is free from soreness, it can work to its maximum potential. Therapy frequently utilized at McQuay Stables includes P3, Ultroz Elite, TheraPlate, Niagara Equissage treatments, an equine treadmill, and access to the Aqua-Tread and Equine Spa at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses as needed.


At McQuay Stables, this complete program ensures each horse’s comfort and gives the best opportunities for success. We are always seeking the latest therapy methods to improve the lives of the horses in our care.